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 Welcom to Ranthambore StepSafari 360 . Here are some step instructions to Reach Ranthambore 

Ranthambore National Park is well-associated with all the significant urban communities in India, anyway the most effortless approach to arrive at this park is to take a train to Sawai Madhopur Railway Station, which interfaces urban communities like Jaipur, Bombay, and Delhi. On the off chance that anybody is increasingly advantageous in going through air, at that point Jaipur has the closest air terminal, which is all around associated with the metro urban areas of India.

Via Air: The closest air terminal to reach Ranthambore National Park is Sanganer Airport in Jaipur. The separation among Jaipur and Ranthambore is around 180 km and there are standard flights for Jaipur from all the significant urban communities including, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and so forth. The voyagers can take direct taxi or transport from Sanganer Airport to reach Ranthambore securely.

Mumbai to Jaipur Flights (Non Stop Flights) 

Airline Depart Arrive Duration 
GoAir 5:50 7:35 1h 45m 
GoAir 15:15 17:00 1h 45m 
IndiGo 5:40 7:20 1h 40m 
IndiGo 19:00 20:50 1h 50m 
Stream 5:45 7:25 1h 40m 
Air India 14:40 16:30 1h 50m 
Stream 18:30 20:15 1h 45m 

Bangalore to Jaipur Flights (Non-stop flights) 

Airline Depart Arrive Duration 
IndiGo 17:20 19:45 2h 25m 
Air Asia 6:00 8:30 2h 30m 
Air Costa 11:55 14:25 2h 30m 
Air Asia 16:30 19:05 2h 35m 

By Rail: The closest railroad station that interfaces Ranthambore National Park to other significant urban areas is Sawai Madhopur Railway Station, which is situated a good ways off of 10 km from the recreation center. The sightseers can benefit neighborhood transport, taxi, or taxi to arrive at the Ranthambore park easily.

Mumbai to Sawai Madhopur Train Schedule: 

Train No. Train Name From Departure Arrival Travel Time

19019 DEHRADUN EXP BDTS 0:05 21:28 21:23

19023 FZR JANATA EXP BCT 7:25 3:10 19:45

12471 SWARAJ EXPRESS BDTS 7:55 22:55 15:00

12925 PASCHIM EXPRESS BDTS 11:35 3:48 16:13

22933 BDTS JP SF EXP BDTS 16:50 8:30 15:40

12953 AUG KR RAJ EXP BCT 17:40 6:26 12:46

12955 BCT JP EXPRESS BCT 18:50 10:30 15:40

12977 MARU SAGAR EXP PNVL 19:55 12:10 16:15

12903 GOLDENTEMPLE ML BCT 21:30 12:25 14:55

19039 AVADH EXPRESS BDTS 22:40 16:05 17:25

Delhi to Sawai Madhopur Train Schedule: 

Train No Train Name From Depature Time Arrival Time Total Time

12904 GOLDN TEMPLE ML NZM 7:35 12:55 5:20

12060 KOTA JANSHTBDI NZM 13:15 18:02 4:47

19024 FZR BCT JANTA NDLS 13:30 21:05 7:35

19804 JAT KOTA EXP NDLS 14:15 21:18 7:03

12926 PASCHIM EXPRESS NDLS 16:45 22:00 5:15

12954 AG KRANTI RJDHN NZM 16:50 20:36 3:46

12963 MEWAR EXPRESS NZM 19:00 23:56 4:56

12476 JAT HAPA EXP NDLS 21:50 2:27 4:37

29020 DEHRADUN EXPRES NZM 21:55 5:20 7:25

19020 DEHRADUN EXP NZM 21:55 5:20 7:25

By Road: Ranthambore is all around associated with all the significant urban communities and town through state transport administration and it very well may be come to through private transports and cabs. Jaipur, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Ajmer, and Jodhpur can be effectively gone from Ranthambore. 

Delhi to Ranthambore-381 Km(Approx. 6 Hours by means of NH8 and NH 11A)

Jaipur to Ranthambore 180 Km (Approx. 3h by means of Rajasthan State Hwy 24)

Udaipur to Ranthambore-388 Km (Approx. 6h 10 min by means of NH 76 and RJ SH 29)

Agra to Ranthambore-239 Km (Approx. 4h 23 min by means of by means of RJ SH 1)

Bharatpur to Ranthambore-202 Km (Approx. 3h 37 min by means of RJ SH 1)

Ahmedabad to Ranthambore – 640 Km (Approx. 9h 47 min by means of NH8 and NH 76)

Mumbai to Ranthambore – 1031 Km (Approx. 16 h 51 min by means of NH 3)


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