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On October 2006, this glory of Ranthambore was first watched; the Sundari (T-17) tigress is just similar to her mom, Machali. Out of all the three sisters in particular “Sundari or Satara”, “Athara” and “Unnis” (or 17, 18 and 19 in Hindi) who were conceived during the rainstorm months (July to September) of 2006, Satara is the overwhelming litter from the earliest starting point. Gloriously by December 2007, she began investigating her own region while her different sisters remained with their mom. 

By the mid 2008, Satra set up her own ideal region and that gloriously was the base of Ranthambore Fortification. Like people, she sometimes used to visit her family regardless of being equipped for chasing without anyone else. By summer 2008, Satra turned out to be absolutely free however her two sisters taking an additional couple of months to isolate from their mom. 

Like her mom she also cherishes investigating an area and in the fury of such endeavors she had extended her domain to more noteworthy degree. Very astonishing yet she even battled with her mom Machali to surpass her domain lastly won as well. Machali needed to leave her domain, the region of the lakes and eastablished her base in Lakkarda, which is her present region. 

Step by step, Satara surpassed practically every one of the regions of Machali aside from Lakkarda area and a few pieces of Mandoop, which was overwhelmed by her sister Unnis (19). Her other sister, Athara (18) had built up her region as of late in the region of Phoot Kot. 

From that point forward Satara is administering the territories of the lakes throughout the previous three years. The fascinating piece of this tigress is that she isn’t short of vehicles going to the save and makes the voyagers agreeable while meandering around. 

Satara is regularly been found to mate with other male tigers yet unexpectedly had not had the option to hold up under any litter out of them. She constantly imparted her domain to three unique guys (T12, T25 and Sitara prior, and now Sultanpur, following T12’s transition to Sariska). 

Satara later extended her zone into the Kachida valley during summer 2011 after the overwhelming female there (T5) passed on and has probably the biggest region among the females in Ranthambore National Park – a region matched in size just by that of her sister Unnis (T-19). 

At long last after much hypothesis Satra bore three offspring toward the beginning of May 2012 and it is expected that Dollar (T-25) is their dad.

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