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Dollar, as the name given to this male tiger inferable from the (Dollar) shape on his correct flank stripe example has truly flabbergasted the tiger sweethearts. The narrative of Dollar is exceptionally fascinating and is the most impossible to miss character in Ranthambore. As a matter of first importance, his lofty appearance before the guests; and once the notoriety goes, he especially hates the human nearness and drives the vehicles out of fierceness on the off chance that he isn’t in the state of mind to associate with them. 

Ideally, T-25 has denoted his domain far in the woods and because of the savagery with which he attempts to usurp the region of different tigers; is likewise being called Zalim (in Hindi that implies shocking). Individuals have discovered him pursuing the vehicles, snarling and prepared to assault. 

Being normal of the idea of a male tiger, Dollar’s conduct and regional animosity stayed steady yet his ongoing conduct has truly flabbergasted everybody. From a year ago, Dollar has been found with two female fledglings who were stranded last February (2011) when their mom T-5 capitulated to intestinal sickness and passed on in the bumpy Kachida locale at the northwest corner of the save. T-25 shockingly isn’t just ensuring these whelps yet in addition assuming the job of mother to these two. That is very stunning to the male tiger’s temperament who generally usually observed as a risk to the fledglings. In the course of the most recent year, he has turned very milder as well and is barely ‘Zalim’ any more, the name that he procured two or three years back by the spectators. 

Conceived in 2007 or 2008, Dollar was one of the three male whelps destined to the Lahpur-Nagditigress T-22 and father Jhumroo (T-20) and is the immediate descendent of Ranthambore’s matron Machali. At first, Dollar was believed to be a tigress and as a sub-grown-up barely a couple of his photos were accessible, when he isolated from his mom. His two siblings Indala and Sultanpur prospered in the rich chasing grounds of Nagdi-Lahpur, which was the well known domain of Jhumroo, their dad for a long time. 

Following couple of long stretches of close observing by the woodland authorities, it was along these lines affirmed that the T-25 is in reality a male tiger. From that day he was constantly associated with his growls and thunders thus he picked up the name ‘Zalim’. Be that as it may, today when individuals watch him with his two embraced offspring, his developments uncovered that he isn’t stalking them yet watching his domain and incredibly preparing his fledglings. As a loyal tyke, the fledglings are likewise observed to tail him and sniffing the regional markings of different tigers. This phenomenal family has constantly pleased the guests with their customary tender and minding moves towards one another over the travel industry zones. 

The most astounding component of Dollar is that he is likewise being ensuring and going with the female fledglings as potential mates. Dollar once mated with Sundari (his kin) in November a year ago who had her three whelps with T-28; since inbreeding was regular in regional felines when male and female kin are isolated from their mom. 

Today, Dollar still demonstrates his murky conduct whether because of his protective love or sexual sense; his normal or unnatural thought processes have brought up issue when Bina 1 and Bina 2 (the two embraced whelps) indicated distinctive conduct towards him. Where Bina 2 demonstrated her reluctance towards Dollar’s position, in spite of the fact that she remains around; yet unexpectedly Bina 1 tails him like a shadow, remains nearby, plays, even rests close him. Bina 2 minds her own business and is all the more commanding with having her very own brain.

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